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Sangrita Buena Tecuanita

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Category - Agave syrup
Made in Jalisco, Mexico
Agave type - 100% Tequilana Blue Weber
Capacity - 700 ml
Strength - 0%

Premium quality, certified organic 100% agave syrup - sweeter and healthier than other sugar syrups, providing richness with a hint of sweet agave.

Designed for bartenders and mixologists, BESO's lower viscosity syrup is easier to mix in cocktails.

Agaves are an excellent plant that can survive long periods without water and high temperatures. Day after day, the plant produces starch with the help of the sun and the rich minerals of the soil. In the eighth or ninth year, the plant is harvested by the Jimadores, who cut the leaves to reach the core of the agave, called the piña. The agave piños are transported to the factory where they are roasted for 12 hours in state-of-the-art autoclaves, then pressed to release the agave juice, which is finally concentrated to BESO perfection. The processes do not use water, artificial colors or additives, making it a pure and unique product.

Agave syrup has a low glycemic index (GI = 22), which means a significantly lower and slower rise in blood sugar compared to honey or sugar. The reason for this is agave fructose. So if you want your lemonade to be sweet but don't want your kids to eat a lot of sugar, BESO is a great choice. Agave fructose is also less aggressive to teeth.

BESO is a natural sweetener that we recommend to use to sweeten cocktails, hot and cold drinks, food and baked goods.

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