Private tastings

So glad you're interested!

Tasting of agave distillates is 1-1.5 hours. lasting informative, entertaining event. During the tasting, we taste agave distillates, we offer combinations of these drinks, we review the relationship with food, tasting recommendations, we discuss the types of agave and their influence on the properties of drinks, we introduce the processes and subtleties of distillate production.

In a classic introductory tasting, we taste three styles of tequilas and one mezcal; in the tasting of rarer Mexican distillates, we offer to get acquainted with mezcal, raisia, sotol, bacanora; an exclusive cocktail tasting featuring classic and mango (or Tommy's) Margaritas and Mezcalitas; We can always offer other options according to need, experience or whims.

Tasting is great entertainment for your friends, business clients or party guests!

You can inquire or order a tasting by tel. +370 699 60999, e-mail by email or by filling out the form below (write the phone number without the + sign, e.g. 370699xxxxx). Bye-bye!