About us

Our mission is to spread knowledge about the culture of Agave distillates in Lithuania, Europe, and the world.

In our store you will find more than 100 different agave distillates. Variety of flavors, colors, and fragrances. In the assortment we have products both from small rural distilleries and from modern distillers' factories. We offer not only to buy, but also to get acquainted or learn more about the types of agave plants and the drinks made from them, as well as the intricacies of the production processes. You want to know how to drink tequila or another agave distillate, what cocktails you can make, what food goes well with it - you will get all this at us - store of Agave Distillates.

Mexican drinks, consultations, tastings, lectures, seminars, trade, imports, supplies, entertainment.

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Company details:

UAB "Vištos"
White skg. 10-1, Vilnius 01204, Lithuania
T. +370 699 60999

E. info@tequilaonline.lt

Company code: 304781040
VAT payer code: LT100011867015
Bank: "Paysera LT", UAB
Bank code: 35000
A/S: LT353500010009941903

Liquor retail trade license A427E-54/20(
License for wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages 4L-436a
Tequila warehouse No. 50, Lukiškės skg. 6, Vilnius 01108, Lithuania