Meskalis Clase Azul Durango
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Mezcal Clase Azul Durango

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Category - Mezcal
Brand - Clase Azul
Made in Durango, Mexico
Agave - Cenizo (Durangensis)
Style - Joven / N e matured
Capacity - 700 ml
Strength - 44%

Clase Azul is one of the most artistic producers of tequila and mezcal, showing great respect for the Mexican cultural heritage. It is not just an agave distillate, but an art that reflects the hearts and souls of the people of the state of Durango. Each 'Clase Azul' bottle-decanter is a unique work of artisans.
Character, uniqueness and beauty in one. Clase Azul Mezcal Durango is made from wild Cenizo agaves that grow in the state of Durango in northern Mexico. The combination of mineral-rich soil and natural spring water gives it a distinctive smoky character with complex flavor notes. The production process follows artisan methods precisely, creating a unique profile and honoring the ancient traditions of distillation.

Mezcal has been granted 'Kosher' and 'Postive Luxury' certificates.

Color: bright crystal with silver glitter.
Aromas: citrus fruits and herbs, green olives, cooked agave and cloves.
Taste: notes of peanuts, brown sugar, honey, wood, chocolate and ripe fruit.

We recommend sipping alone or with a fruit snack. Goes well with oily fish, seafood (lobsters, scallops, shrimps, octopus) with sweet and sour sauces, with aged cheeses, bread toast with avocados and white chocolate with salted nuts, citrus fruit jam.

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